Mustang Outreach & Volunteer Efforts (MOVE)

MOVE is dedicated to promoting, organizing, and facilitating community service at SUNY Morrisville. MOVE serves as a resource to students, faculty, staff, and community partners to identify and accomplish service activities; enhancing the academic and co-curricular experience for students while striving to enhance civic engagement and meet the needs of our local community.

MOVE facilitates planned service events such as the MLK Day of Service and the April Month of Service, as well as individual requests for a few hours of community service or assistance for a specific project.

MOVE strives to document all service hours performed by members of the SUNY Morrisville community, whether it was planned through our office or it happened spontaneously. Please use one of the following methods to document hours:

  • Individual students complete a Co-Curricular Transcript Form or the MOVE Community Service Log
  • SGO clubs and organizations complete an Event Registration Form and an Event Evaluation Form
  • Faculty, staff and other groups complete the MOVE Community Service Log

For assistance in identifying community service opportunities or discussing service needs, please contact the MOVE Advisor, Marc Cianciola. Requested services could include specialized skills such as tutoring, automotive repair, landscaping, home repair, or assistance with tax preparation or they could include general assistance such as lawn care, cleaning, or stuffing envelopes.


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