LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Career Services is excited to announce the addition of LinkedIn Learning to the resources we provide for student success! LinkedIn Learning is a virtual educational platform that provides over 16,000 micro-courses on a broad range of personal and professional skills. Courses are video-based, taught by recognized industry experts, and allow you to earn digital badges to share with employers. You select your own courses and complete them according to your own timeline. Courses can be standalone and take less than one to few hours to complete or can be combined into learning paths that provide more depth on a subject or certifications and will take additional time.

Thirty to 70 courses are added weekly, so there’s always fresh content to help you stay on top of industry trends and best practices. And LinkedIn Learning will give you course recommendations based on real-time industry trends, personalized to their individual level and goals.

Want to enhance your cross-cultural communication? Learn or advance your Microsoft Excel skills, the top technology skill employers seek? Earn a Marketing Strategy Certification? Improve your general or technical writing? Add Computer Added Design (CAD) to your professional toolkit? Whether it’s learning something new or strengthening or brushing up on an existing skill, LinkedIn Learning can be a valuable resource. Click here for the LinkedIn Learning content library. LinkedIn Learning also provides certification preparation programs, primarily in the technology field; the listing of those programs can be found here.

You can access LinkedIn Learning anytime, on a desktop, laptop, or mobile, online or off. To log in:

  • Go to the LinkedIn Learning login page
  • Choose to continue to SUNY Morrisville LinkedIn Learning, if prompted
  • Enter your SUNY Morrisville email address and password to complete the login
  • If accessing LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you will be asked if you want to link your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account. You do not need to have or create a LinkedIn profile to access LinkedIn Learning.

Connect with Career Services at for assistance in accessing LinkedIn Learning, finding courses specific to your personal and professional goals, building a LinkedIn profile that gets attention, or presenting what you learned through the course in cover letters and interviews.

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