College Senate


The next session of College Senate will be held November 15th at 1PM EST in Charlton 125

College Senate open seats

  • Senators: Student Services - 1 Seat, Library - 1 Seat, Norwich - Seat
  • Budget Committee: School of ABT - 1 Seat
  • Curriculum Committee: Library - 1 Seat
  • Professional Development Committee: School of ABT - 1 Seat
  • Continuing Appointment and Promotion Committee: School of LASS - 1 Seat
  • Student Affairs Committee: School of LASS - Seat, At-Large - 1 Seat
  • Committee for Social Justice & Transformative Practice: Library - 1 Seat
  • Library Review Committee: Staff - 1 Seat

College Senate Mission Statement

The College Senate is the faculty/staff governance organization at SUNY Morrisville. Its mission is:

  • to formulate and recommend to the President of the College policies concerning academic standards, curriculum, student conduct and activities, and other matters of concern;
  • to promote communication among its membership and between its membership, the college administration and students; and,
  • to promote the professional growth of the faculty and staff, with a focus on serving teaching and learning.

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