Health Services

Health Services is committed to providing confidential, high-quality, student-centered health care to currently enrolled SUNY Morrisville students. Health Services visits are by appointment. Student should call the Health Center at 315.684.6078 to schedule an appointment.

Types of Services

  1. Examination, treatment, and follow up care for: common illnesses such as upper respiratory infections (including COVID-19), urinary tract infections; minor injuries, burns, abrasions and cuts
  2. Sexual health services such as pap smears, birth control, and emergency contraction. Condoms are free to all students.
  3. STI (sexually transmitted infections) testing and treatment for both males and females.
  4. Management of chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure in coordination with the primary care provider.

Cost to Students

  1. Services provided at the Student Health Center are FREE (part of the mandatory student health fee) including: visits with a provider or counselor, many medications, point of care testing completed in office
  2. Services provided by an off-campus provider will be billed to the student’s personal health insurance including: x-rays, blood work, cultures. STI/HIV testing, referrals, emergency room or urgent care visits, prescriptions sent to the pharmacy. The student is responsible for any fee such as co-pays.


  1. All students, regardless of vaccination status, are encouraged to seek medical care (either at the Student Health Center or local Urgent Care or Emergency Room) if they are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  2. At home COVID-19 test kits are available at the Student Health Center free of charge.
  3. Students who receive a positive COVID-19 test should notify the Student Health Center as soon as possible regarding their diagnosis.  

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