Morrisville Laptop Program

SUNY Morrisville began its partnership with IBM (now Lenovo) in 1998, becoming the first of the State University of New York's 64 campuses to supply students with individual laptop computers. Since then, Morrisville has integrated technology into all aspects of campus life, from the classroom to the social scene.

Wireless mobile technology has created a nomadic learning environment where information can be accessed from virtually anywhere on either of Morrisville's two campuses, including academic buildings, residence halls, dining facilities and even outside. The learning possibilities are endless!

Our partnership with Lenovo allows us to bring new technology, services and support to students and the college community. Additionally, we are able to offer Lenovo devices and accessories designed to meet the needs to each academic program. In fact, several programs require a laptop and even recommend Lenovo. Students enrolled in any of the programs below are encouraged to browse available devices and order as soon as possible so they are prepared for their classes.

All SUNY Morrisville students, faculty, staff, and the community are welcome to take advantage of this special partnership. Check out our Help Desk FAQs or contact us for more information.

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Laptop and Help Desk FAQs

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