Julanne C. Burton

Julanne Burton is an assistant professor of social science and coordinates the Human Services Program at SUNY Morrisville’s Norwich Campus where she teaches courses on counseling, crisis intervention, administration, psychology and death & dying. Dr. Burton is the founder of SUNY Morrisville’s Human Services Institute and a founding member of the Humanitarian Hub with faculty from SUNY Poly and MVCC. Prior to her work at Morrisville, Dr. Burton was a Vice-President of Child and Family Services with Liberty Resource, Inc., where she designed and developed family therapy programs for families involved with the child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and developmental disability systems. She now serves as a consultant on program development and intervention evaluation. She is a national mental health responder with the American Red Cross, volunteers with an annual grief weekend for adolescents at the Madison County Children’s Camp, and has been volunteering in the 7th Ward in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. She also serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the PROS clinic in Oneida, NY. The clinic provides services to individuals diagnosed with serious mental health disorders and chemical dependency issues. Dr. Burton received her BS in journalism and her MA in child and family studies at Syracuse University and her MSW and PhD at SUNY Albany.

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