SUNY Morrisville Mask Mandate Remains in Place

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Dear Campus Community,

SUNY Morrisville and the State University of New York (SUNY) remain committed to providing you with a full in-person learning experience, including activities, classroom and lab experiences, in a safe and effective manner.

In order to properly do so, the current SUNY Morrisville Mask Mandate still remains in place: masks are required to be worn in all indoor spaces for the SUNY Morrisville, Norwich and Syracuse EOC campuses, regardless of vaccination status. Masks should be worn correctly to fully cover the nose and mouth. Outdoor spaces and activities do not require a mask.

We will continue to follow the guidance of SUNY System, which is expected to establish a roadmap by next week for the conditions and circumstances that would enable us to lift our mask mandate. Until that time, it is critical that all members of our campus community continue to properly wear a mask in all indoor spaces.

Thank you for doing your part in helping keep our campus and surrounding communities safe.

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